this hair.....took FOREVER. { but let's be honest. big hair is worth it right?}
you start out thinking man, this huge hair is gonna be so awesome. 30 minutes and 400 pencil strokes later you feel like crying onto your sketch pad.
still love it though.


a night with chekhov....and sequins

sequined sweater- h&m , shorts and belt- zara, shoes-ASOS

hi people. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i am feeling so much better and cant wait to show you what i wore during these days :) a few of us went to see 2 plays by chekhov last week at this gorgeous mansion like house...i couldnt resist taking a few pictures in this place
{ though it involved ninja like activity and ended up being much trickier than i thought }.
can you tell that i love sequins? seriously, you could put sequins on live poisonous snakes and i will gladly wear them around my neck. the ones on this sweater really are done so beautifully { as you see in the closer picture }. to me they look a bit like armor.


simple things

blazer/vest-UO, top-marc by marc jacobs, skirt-american apparel, bag-max mara, shoes- ASOS

what an amazing day! it was super sunny {though the wind almost blew me away} we took a mid-day trip to the kennedy center... and i wore my new shoes from ASOS! { which i adore } i can't wait until it's fully warm outside and i can break out the dresses. i have a huge weakness for vests and blazers in general { seriously...i think i have over 25 vests } and this blue one is for sure one of my favorites. the cut is so perfect...it makes me look a bit like a stewardess...but hopefully a very stylish one....
what are the MUST haves in your closet?


spring spring spring :)

pictures taken from CEU....you can find her blog here!

so glad spring is finally here in all its pollinated glory. still feeling under the weather and trying to recover, so found some beautiful (and drama filled) photographs that will hopefully whip
my immune system into shape!

slash- how i die for the entire outfit in the first photograph...



the birds { aka...i think im slowly dying }

bonne matin beautiful people!
it's such a beautiful day outside today and i finally get the feeling we've won the battle and captured spring. ok....im not technically dying, but i AM sick. i can't even enjoy the day because im sickly { insert coughs here } i've spent the day drinking copious amounts of water, sneezing and sketching. don't have an outfit today so leaving you with one of my illustrations instead.
be back tomorrow along with another beautiful day!

p.s- yes...sorry for the dramatic post title...im a bit of a drama queen


margaritas and moonwalker

white tunic-james perse, skirt-american apparel, blouse-vintage, flat-repetto, sunnies-DKN to the Y baby

these pictures were definitely taken before i thought it was a good idea to meet up with a friend for one "harmless margarita" on a sunny sunday afternoon....a day that started out innocent enough, but quickly evolved into me having half a glass too much, and ended up with me making the boyfriend watch michael jackson's moonwalker { best decision of my life...must admit it made me dream in sequins and shooting stars }

for the outfit itself. i find that i have a lot of really crazy, hard to wear items in my closet so i also have solid basic black and white pieces i can always pair them with. this red blouse is one of my absolute favs that came to me magically on the back of a golden unicorn { or in a vintage store in NYC...either way } i jumped at the chance to wear it again.

it was super sunny outside so apologies for the lack of smiling in these...the sun was in my eyes most of the time!


ojos asi

im a sucker for big eyes and big hair { as very evidenced by almost all of my art }. i did this sketch a little bit ago and forgot about it until last night. most of my paintings are very very detailed and coorful and more and more i find myself leaning toward a minimal approach in my sketches....letting few few lines narrate the story....though that could be laziness too i guess...
what do you guys think?


polka dots and metallic

well, we can all thank "i love lucy" for putting polka-dots on the map. i am a huge fan ...to the point that i realized i had a bit of a problem when i looked in my closet and realized more than half of my clothes had polka dots somewhere on them. { this was actually a great discovery bc i convinced myself it meant i had to go shopping in order to restore the fashion balance in my wardrobe.}
after declaring a polka dot fast for the last 4 months....i finally caved when i saw these!
{ i also discovered the retro filter on photobucket! someone stop me now....actually please dont. i happen to be enjoying myself. }


i kinda need these in my life..

colors are in this season! and thank sweet baby jesus for that. nothing like bright dramatic accents of colors (and sequins....one can never go wrong with sequins.)
lots of designers are doing colors really well this season { namely marc jacobs, Thakoon and DVF } but my favorite thus far is CĂ©line's leather clutch and classic box bag.

{ i definitely have my eye on that neon yellow box bag.....it shall be in my closet this spring }

what do you guys think? are we embracing the colors this spring? or are we clutching to neutral colors like a crack head to his pipe?


the feeling of desire

a quick sketch i finally scanned into my computer while at my sisters. i really should buy a scanner...but that's also like a pair of shoes....what's a girl to do?


wine and flowers

what says tuesday better than 3 frenchies, a ghanaian girl, a beautiful view of the city and copious amounts of wine? some friends were in from geneva so we took them under our wing and got them drunk. ok...so maybe only i was drunk by the end of the night...and the next morning.



walkiendo in the park

lace top-h&m, heels- steve madden, bag-cynthia rowley, pants-zara

i love mixing different patterns...hence the lace and the tweed. and im usually not a fan of this cut of pant but i must say i adore theses { the boyfriend actually suggested it....guess being around me so much is rubbing off on him } i love the soft girly-ness of the shirt and the "let's take over a company" feeling the pants give me whenever i wear them...

bold colors for spring!

sketching (as i love to do). i think spring will be all about bold bright colors ladies. bring it on!


le austrian jacket

zip jeans-zara, flats- repetto, bag-river island, shirt- marc by marc jacobs, sweater- h&m, jacket-ann taylor, flower pin-gift from my friend elvira

saturday was blazing hot { well okay it was only about 60 degrees } my friend randy and i went for brunch and a wonderful walk in the park.


3 things i would die without

so maybe death is a bit of a stretch....but not THAT far from the truth.

1. miu miu sequin messenger bag
2. ALC dropped waist silk dress
3.) belle sigerson morrison cut away suede flats

what do you guys think?


speaking of gaga...

um....can we pause for one second?
i need to pick my jaw off the floor before we talk about the fashion orgy that was thierry mugler's 2012 fall/winter collection.
i would like to thank mugler for apparently being one of the only designers that remembers fashion is a show. the point of it is to get people's eyes so far out of their sockets they can no longer dream in anything but rainbows and unicorns....or in this case skeletons and plastic body wrap. that show was so OD that its not even believable.

1.) triple catacomb runway+models walking haphazardly+zombies = wtf amazing
2.) models actually having personality, proving to me they do something besides being skinny, tall and so serenely tortured.
3.) gaga.....hello! enough said
4.) ahem. can we talk about gaga's SHOES where 12 inch wedges and made her like 6'1 {if we're gonna be real, they probably deserve their own post }
5.) designers having at-itt-udeeeeee seeping out of every pore of their collection

i love. the end


why chanel will change the fashion industry....again

we've waiting all year for this and it's finally here!
HAUTE COUTURE....aka the most ridiculous pieces of "clothing" the world's best fashion houses can conjure.
the first glimpse of a model....who's not even over 7 feet tall...and she's wearing flats?
this is the genius of karl's spring/summer 2011 couture line.
and yes...while other designers might yawn in the shadows, this show (as we wrap up all the fashion weeks) was one of my favs because karl leaves every girl between 15-30 thinking one thing about the entire collection... GIMME!
the show really is the accumulation of the growing changes in fashion today.
the way people interact with fashion and style is changing rapidly as street style, blogging, DIY, resources like lookbook and chictopia, namely, the internets, makes everything more accessible to us.
designers are realizing they can no longer sit on clouds in their magical castles sipping unicorn juice and casually throwing ideas down to pedestrians.
any woman could actually wear this. i mean...if they lost 40 lbs, sold all of their belongings and did some things they would never tell their children about.
what do you guys think? are we saving our pennies to buy this collection? or wishing haute couture would stick the to clothing only lady gaga could wear in public?


rarrrr! scared yet? i love patterns in fashion and above all, in illustration. i always get weak in the knees when designers lines the insides of jackets, bags or shoes with a beautiful pattern that people probably wont ever see. (marc jacobs is fond of this.)
this is me playing with some intricate patterns in my own art and wishing i could own a hair/hat like this one...que pensez-vous?

pulling the bullet

here it goes. pulling the bullet and starting a bliggity-blog about fashion.
love...it's most probably an understatement.
the runways, the sequins the fabric, the illustrations, the rush you get when you put together the perfect outfit, see a brand new (sometimes awful) trend emerging. {it's better than eating 10 mini kit-kat bars in under 5 minutes}. my name is jacklyn. an artist that loves creating looks and everything about the glamour, pomp and eccentricity of this magical world of fashion.
hope you stay tuned...ill be back

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