the valley

bonjour a tous!
i hope everyone is having a non-terrible week. it's so windy here i think i see a yellow brick road in my future. i decided to give you guys a mini break from the usual posts to show you one of my new sketches. in addition to hair, i also love masks! i noticed they show up a lot in my art. i HAVE been sketching like crazy all year, but i didn't have access to a scanner until today. i have a few sketches { and new paintings } i REALLY want to show you guys!!
fyi: i did not spill coffee on the sketch. as you can see HERE, all my watercolors are stained with tea before i begin. hope you like it guys.
and dont forget to vote for my h&m t-shirt HERE. { 2 secs at the most i promise }. thanks!!

also thanks so so much for all your lovely comments. they really make my day.


my idea of relaxing

we hopped on the TGV from paris to provence and after a whirl-wind birthday party with over 30 bottles of champagne, too much dancing and singing, meeting some of arnaud's childhood friends for the first time, singing lady gaga all night, did i mention too much champagne? walking over pebbles in 5 inch heels (i eventually gave up and went bare-foot because honestly.....pebbles? thats def dos muchos for this girl) and staying out until 5am. i slept until 2pm and decided to nurse my wounded spirit with a day exploring avignon. ALSO i entered a t-shirt design contest for H&M HERE. you literally just have to give it a rating and its done { 2 secs at the most i promise }...if you like it obviously. thanks!!

the get up: with my brain temporarily on vacation i grabbed the easiest thing i packed...a jumpsuit from h&m covered in birds. and thank the lord because it was a million degrees outside. i really love pieces like this because they are comfortable, easy to wear and dont require that many accessories to make you stand out. what statement pieces do you guys love?


nothing but flowers

cardigan- ONLY, blouse-milly, skirt-ASOS, flower belt-anthropologie, flats-repetto, bag-Céline
so so sorry for the lack of posts! im sure you were all waiting on the edge of a cliff ready to jump but don't worry, im back. ive been so so busy and havent had much interaction with le computer. j'adore paris! everything seems so magical and new in this city and one really can be and do whatever they want. dont want to bore you all now so i will tell you more about it in later posts. i literally think my skin had forgotten what the sun felt like until we got here and to celebrate i got dressed with bright colors and 3-D flowers around my waist. as you may remember from an earlier post j'adore Céline and i finally got to tote around my new boston bag! hope you enjoy the pics. ill be back with more later. what's everyone been up to?!


nous sommes arrivés à paris

after a long day of running around, trying to magically fit EVERYTHING into this tiny
mary-poppins suitcase { because honestly, how can you travel with a suitcase that is not as fabulous as you }, waiting at the airport, trying to fall asleep a million feet above the ground, and watching inflight movies. we finally arrived in paris!
going to take a nap!



hi my loves! ive gotten a few e-mails asking me about the image i use for my header. it's a little piece of an illustration i did just a few months ago. it's def one of my favs. im posting the whole thing here for you guys...i know it's tres risque with the boob-age.
as you read this i am on my way to PARIS! and im so very excited because its one of the most magical places ive been. i most likely will not be blogging { the horror! the agony! } but i will try to eat lots of baguettes and macaroons, buy WAY too many clothes, and take lots of pretty pictures of....you know...french stuff to share when i return.
au revoir et a bientôt


le beau temps

shorts- F21, silk top- splendid, gray sweater-ONLY, scarf, pashmina, leather jacket: laROK, boots- dolce vita, necklace- vintage, ring-BCBG

it was maybe 30 degrees and windy out today, and i was sick....so i obviously grabbed the brightest, shortest shorts i could dig out of my closet. i mean, people across the world are enjoying warm spring weather...why do i have to suffer just because winter has decided to be the awkward kid that shows up at the party that no one really wants to talk to. { i DID wear a scarf though so thats kinda "wintery" right? }

the get-up: confession....i usually dream about my outfits. i do that with paintings/sketches as well. normal people dream they are flying, or being attacked by zombies...i dream about michael jackson "bad-esque" leather jackets paired with silk shirts and loud flowered shorts...and girls with big hair. true story


stripes, fur...and a little rant

striped sweater- h&m, white blouse- calvin klein, black skirt-american apparel, fox fur-italian, purse-zara, shoes-michael kors
ladies and gentlemen....it hailed today. i mean little blocks of ice falling from the sky.
yes, it's april and we're well into "spring" { if you can call it that } so you can imagine how shocked and appalled i was to open my window to a hail storm { and possibly a glimpse of the first horse rider of the apocalypse }. i just want to go outside and get a kit-kat bar without crying a little bit into my jacket first. le sigh.
the get-up: i stuck pins into my voodoo doll of winter...so i figure it will be warming up soon. that being said, i decided to focus on some of the reasons i actually like cold weather: crisp long sleeved shirts, very warm sweaters, tights galore and muted color palettes.

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