last chance

ok so i've officially disappeared but i swear i have a slew of great reasons i cannot seem to remember all at once. we moved about 3 weeks ago, { pics of the new place coming up } and i've been so distracted by un-packing, decorating and like....actually owning something besides clothes and shoes. { crazy i know }. but i swear im not gone forever. as proof, here are some pics i took this weekend on a relatively warm day. { hope ya'll like my awkward smile }

fall is actually my favorite seasons because in some ways it's like a less gross, prettier version of intense summer heat. everything looks clean, bright and crisp, and you get to expand the wardrobe past dresses, skirts and shorts. i got these suede boots from DV by dolce vita. i would describe them as understated awesomeness. they are eye-catching without being over the top and very comfy to walk in {which for a flats loving girl gives them a million bonus points}
what are your favorite looks for fall? and it anyone else sad to see the blinding colors of fall fade away? { i mean honestly...how awesome is that tree? }


fish scales

fully embracing fall these days, and all the craziness that comes with moving into a new home, getting ready for my sister's wedding, and starting to plan my own...and, not to mention, PACKING! i've sadly accepted that my only earthly possessions are clothes and books, but i will say i think that's much better than any alternative i can imagine at present. wearing my usual uniform of black and white with some sparkle in between. utterly in love with my thread thin motorcycle jacket, which is so perfect in so many ways. 
how are you guys dealing with the weather change?




simple and furry

one of the things i'm going to miss the most about our old place is this amazing rooftop with views of the entire city. with summer slowly fading away into oblivion, i find myself wishing for sunnier weather while pulling out tights and sadly realizing how unused to cold weather my body has become. {sad face}. knowing me, i will still manage to wear the shortest skirts and sheer paper thin blouses even in zero degree temps { i DID go to university in Vermont after all }

im still holding out for an indian.....fall? where everyday will be 85 degrees, dry, and sunny. a girl can dream...



flowy girl things

(vintage chiffon blouse, h&m top, michael kors watch, balenciaga city bag, steve madden wedges)

back from a weekend of stress and busy-ness following the panic that ensued when i realized i actually have to PACK all my clothes before moving to the new place { eek }. i just need to run down to disney and pick up some magical birds and bunnies that will do it all for me while singing a catchy tune.

i will admit that these days im really into the balance between hard and soft details in clothing. i love the delicate flimsy-ness of sheer blouses and shirts, mixed with the shiny metal, the hugeness of a manish watch, and the super soft leather and hard brass details we've come to love from balenciaga

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