you all know by now that i love a good monochromatic look...and this is about as black and white as it gets. it may actually seem silly for some, but getting dressed in the morning is so much fun for me, and outfits like this just make my day.

the outfit: explaining why i put certain pieces together is pretty tough because i usually resort to...."it looked good in my head, so i wore it". for me, personal style is about being true to who you are not not being afraid to take a few risks..or a lot. i find that dressing for myself always makes me happier and more confident when i leave the house...even it means im the only one in the street wearing a tutu, sequins or polka-dotted shorts.




as much as we all love the look of heels, a girl's got to have some staple flats! this was a very casual day for me, but those can also be the best times { especially when you have blinding shoes on. } i must admit, i find my wardrobe getting more and more neon as the weather gets warmer. i had also been searching for a leopard print bag for AGES and finally found the perfect one in france. plus a robot ballerina necklace. what's not to love. swoon.

how about you guys? do you live in heels no matter how much they make your feet hurt? or do you reach for flats when you just want to prance and dance around in meadows and lakes?



sequined vest-edward youngan, blouse-milly,orange skirt-zara, blazer-BCBG, fringe bag- meli melo, flats-repetto, watch-swatch, bracelet-vintage from egypt, sunglasses, rayban
happy monday to you all!
hope each of you had a wonderful pollen filled weekend. we were volunteered to help some friends move from one part of paris to another: up 6 flights of stairs....with no elevator....so obviously i wore this! { i actually did help...though i told everyone i could fly and they were a bit disappointed when i didn't pull through }

this actual weekend that just passed i was in NYC { my second home } to help my sister pick her wedding dress. it was a very emotional moment for me, to realize she is actually getting married and wont have time to devote all her energy to me (jk...im obviously the youngest child). she looked absolutely STUNNING in her dress...it was a bit out of control.

the outfit: i was fortunate to find this edward youngan sequin vest a few years ago in NYC that i could not pass up because hello: sequins + vest = the holy grail of clothing for me. as i've said before im a huge fan of black and white with a bold splash of color so i paired it with a simple silk top and a skirt so bright i felt like planets were orbiting around me. and here you see another one of my swatches. i've wanted a white watch for some time and when i saw the illustration by Enki Bilal { a french comic artist } it was a wrap. i love the fringe bag as well. i can never stop playing with it.


an { almost } romantic day

hi everyone! thanks mucho for your lovely comments on my sketch below. like i said i'll be posting art more frequently {until you get bored of it}
this day was a catastrophe of sorts, but a very funny one. it started out perfectly: the sun shining brightly, a nice breakfast, paris...what could possibly go wrong. well, decided to visit a beautiful garden near the bastille. it really was beautiful...the only problem is that i have SEVERE ALLERGIES and every tree and their mother was pollinating and there were bugs everywhere { seriously...it was like God released the plague of locusts all over again }. i spent the rest of the day barely able to see and sniffling. let's just say it ended with us buying a kumquat tree {ask me if i know what a kumquat even tastes like}

the outfit: to be honest, i felt a bit like doing some pliƩs in this because the fabrics were so delicate and girly i felt like a ballerina. i like mixing prints and fabrics {though this wasn't too much of a stretch} this skirt is one of my favorite new pieces {kind of obsessed} just because it's so beautifully made and fun to touch. the shirt is now one of my go-tos because it's so versatile. i can wear it with anything! also...im a HUGE fan of swatch watches...im wearing 2 in these pictures, but ill show the other one later. i have some "serious" watches, but as an artist i love most things fun and creative. i can never leave the swatch store without buying at least one thing.


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