as much as we all love the look of heels, a girl's got to have some staple flats! this was a very casual day for me, but those can also be the best times { especially when you have blinding shoes on. } i must admit, i find my wardrobe getting more and more neon as the weather gets warmer. i had also been searching for a leopard print bag for AGES and finally found the perfect one in france. plus a robot ballerina necklace. what's not to love. swoon.

how about you guys? do you live in heels no matter how much they make your feet hurt? or do you reach for flats when you just want to prance and dance around in meadows and lakes?

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Anonymous said...

mimi i just love some flat shoes, also if my boy hates ballerina on me. :D

Mary Lane said...

that is one of the coolest rings i've ever seen!! where did you get that?


Jocelyn Ng said...

I personally choose flats over heels :)

apple said...

Definitely can't live forever in heels, gotta let the feet breathe!
I love your bag and ring, they're gorgeous!


Scented Powder said...

love that chanel sweater-shirt!


OK so where do I start with what I need...um gimmie that Chanel shirt, those shades, that clutch and those shoes!! This is a super cute outfit and you look like a style icon! I pretty much wear flats everyday to work. I wear flats when I shop. I wear heels to church, on dates and events/parties or days when I just feel like being extra girly! haha Thank you so much for your super sweet comment! Kiah

SC said...

M! Love how the color of your shoes blocks your skin! Perfect for you ... Not to mention the other items ... x

TheStrawberryFields said...

This is a really great look,laid back but totally chic i love the clutch the Chanel tee and the shoes.
Can i have it all? lol haha x

Laura said...

I agree, summer=bright colors!!!! Your flats are so fun they make me think of Dorthy's ruby red shoes, except they're gold they have the same wow factor. Having everything neutral really makes it all pop!Loving the hint of leopard too =)

Meagan said...

Fabulous! Love the ring and the chanel shirt!

Kimberly said...

flats can be really cute but my feet hurt worse in flat than in heels, love yours the golden color is adorable!


Anonymous said...

those look so gorgeous against your skin and would make any outfit special!

minnja said...

Great shoes and colour :)))



Jlo said...

Love the shoes! Looking for that kinna shades for my nail polish collections tho <3 I usually go for a flats for a typical weekend or shopping, Heels for special occasion ;)


Monika Dawidowicz said...

They look absolutely amazing.
I like such shoes because they are comfortable.




Lee Oliveira said...

They are absolutely stunning golden shoes..
Lee x

Josie said...

You look SO cute! I love your little gold flats; my collection of flats is unreal and I wear them almost daily.
xo Josie

Front Row Mode said...


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Megan Hattie said...

Firstly, your big ring is so cool! secondly, no I cannot live in heels... I wear them rarely, I take the metro too much. Thirdly, do you live in Paris? Can we please hang out and geek about fashion? :) Thanks for the comment!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

keschen said...

love the gold flats. just came across your blog and its awesome.

Check out my giveaway for Valorie clutch and Glamour T-shirt:


Malu Rivero said...

I love I love I love I love I love I love I love
Completely love that look! The leopard print with the yellow shoes... waw lovely, and yes, the first that I use to look are the complements xPP, and this are divine!but the bet is the tshirt!WHERE u bought it? XO Malu

Emilie said...


amy b.s. said...

golden = perfection!

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! I totally believe in staple AND statement flats!! Love your little gold guys!

Cindy said...

So cute! I love metallic, eye-catching shoes. This whole outfit is so chic. Love the t-shirt and clutch too.

Style Soufflé

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Love the bag and tee! So pretty! Great look! XO Raspberry & Rouge


pancakeSTACKER said...

Thanks for your comment! Lovee this! Especially all of the zipper details. I am in love with that cardi! Where did you get it??

Stop by again soon! xoxo!

Shasie said...

Girl! I love those flats!

Live Life in Style

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love your blog, I’m following now via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Hope you follow back.


xx. VLM.

charlotte said...

You look so beautiful! Your trousers are perfection, where have you bought them?

Sam said...

i love every piece in your outfit! and yeah, sometimes i do bear the pain of heels! haha! following you now! hope you follow back! :)


feH said...

Cute :)


fashionpart said...

beautiful outfit!

Claire and Vasia said...

we love your ballerinas!


Aimee said...

Gorgeous! I totally need to break out my gold flats after reading this. I love this look!


Anonymous said...

looovvv your look!
kisses from brazil

Beatrice Balaj said...

Love this outfit!! Such cute shoes!


Jen said...

those flats look lush against your skin tone.

LOVE your sense of style.

Jen xx

mimi said...

mary jane: i got my little zebra at mac jacobs. but he broke shortly after :(

pancakestacker: the cardi is from a store in paris called only.

charlotte: the jeans are from zara. i LOVE the zipper and would live in them everyday if i could!

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