something to talk about...

pretty please don't kill me.....i've been an AWFUL blogger. almost a month since i got on here {ducks from stones} there has been a lot happening on my end and im looking forward to getting back in the swing of things {slash} catching up on what everyone has been up to this month. the boy and i went on a whimsical trip to costa rica { most beautiful beaches, animals and forests in the world if you like hiking for 9 hours and that kind of stuff }. we stayed at the most amazing ego lodge called lapa rios which is literally how i imagine to heaven to look.

did i mention we got engaged?!
{hence me falling of the planet for the last month} it was the most magical moment and he presented me with the most beautiful ring i've ever seen...tres mimi. im super excited and im sure ill talk about it at length at some point when i get stressed about finding charming place to get married in france.
for now i have a lot of new things to show you. raise your hand if you're excited for fall!

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