flowy girl things

(vintage chiffon blouse, h&m top, michael kors watch, balenciaga city bag, steve madden wedges)

back from a weekend of stress and busy-ness following the panic that ensued when i realized i actually have to PACK all my clothes before moving to the new place { eek }. i just need to run down to disney and pick up some magical birds and bunnies that will do it all for me while singing a catchy tune.

i will admit that these days im really into the balance between hard and soft details in clothing. i love the delicate flimsy-ness of sheer blouses and shirts, mixed with the shiny metal, the hugeness of a manish watch, and the super soft leather and hard brass details we've come to love from balenciaga



france photo diary - the end of summer

okay....i know no one wants to admit this, but with all the rain and grayness, i think it's finally time to accept that summer is over. i've been a little under the weather so decided to post this photo-diary for you guys!

1. gourdes, a city in the south of france made entirely out of stones
2. duh
3. enjoying a view of the tower
4. lavender in provence
5. some favorites
6. finally bought my first house!
7. best animals in the world
8. maelys - arnuad's beautiful neice
9. outfit pic
10. having tea in my new house with maelys and hello kitty

stay warm guys!




marchesa...je meurs

i've always loved marchesa { even in the last few years when i would give a slight eyebrow raise to the things they sent down the runway. } this year's collection blew me away. the soft colors, the intricate mixture of all things glitter, fringe and tulle. it all looked very very expensive, hard to construct but easy to watch glide down the runway. to me this is what fashion is about: when you dont look at the models { bc honestly with this lot, you might wake up having some nightmares }, when the pieces have integrity, meaning and stand out; reiterating the purpose and agenda of the brand while managing to be fresh and new in an ever-changing landscape.
bravo marchesa.
je meurs

the only words for this collection are GIMME GIMME GIMME!


rainy day illustration

it's been raining for the past 4 days here with no sign of stopping anytime soon. but the good thing about rainy days is that they always give me more time to paint, draw and sketch. the expression on her face pretty much sums up my mood at the moment....hope you guys like it! and let me know if you want to see more of my art on the blog


hurricane mimi

jacket- acne, oversized shirt- h&m, clutch- zara, boots -got them in amsterdam, watch- michael kors, necklace- vintage
after being trapped in the house like noah's ark, we were excited to take a walk around the supposed "wreckage" of hurricane irene. literally just rolled out of bed. my favorite thing about this is my tiny tiny eiffel tower locket which just helps me keep a little piece of paris with me at all times.

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