an { almost } romantic day

hi everyone! thanks mucho for your lovely comments on my sketch below. like i said i'll be posting art more frequently {until you get bored of it}
this day was a catastrophe of sorts, but a very funny one. it started out perfectly: the sun shining brightly, a nice breakfast, paris...what could possibly go wrong. well, decided to visit a beautiful garden near the bastille. it really was beautiful...the only problem is that i have SEVERE ALLERGIES and every tree and their mother was pollinating and there were bugs everywhere { seriously...it was like God released the plague of locusts all over again }. i spent the rest of the day barely able to see and sniffling. let's just say it ended with us buying a kumquat tree {ask me if i know what a kumquat even tastes like}

the outfit: to be honest, i felt a bit like doing some pliés in this because the fabrics were so delicate and girly i felt like a ballerina. i like mixing prints and fabrics {though this wasn't too much of a stretch} this skirt is one of my favorite new pieces {kind of obsessed} just because it's so beautifully made and fun to touch. the shirt is now one of my go-tos because it's so versatile. i can wear it with anything! also...im a HUGE fan of swatch watches...im wearing 2 in these pictures, but ill show the other one later. i have some "serious" watches, but as an artist i love most things fun and creative. i can never leave the swatch store without buying at least one thing.


22 witty remarks:

mari b. said...

such a lovable and effortless chic look.

thanks for your super sweet comment, dear.
hope you'll stop by again.


Sonia Devier said...

I love your outfit, the skirt is so nice, and the shirt looks very versatile as you say :)

Kirstin Marie said...

That skirt is gorgeous!! I can see why you love it. Lovely outfit :)


Sarah said...

I love your skirt!



Alina.Dellos said...

awesome skirt. love your outfit.
thank you for leaving comment at my blog.

follow your blog now.

joana said...


Eva Ana Kazić said...

When I think "gawgeous"..this is pretty much it. Soft, ladylike, with a princess-ish energy.


Shasie said...

That skirt is so fun!

Live Life in Style

Cassie Lee said...

So pretty--I love the details on the skirt!


That skirt is WOW!! I love it. The roses on it are amazing! Perfect with that plain simple top! It really lets the skirt shine! Kiah

Neekoh said...

The texture of the skirt is what gets me! I really, really like this :)


Di said...

CUTE SKIRT! ze watch is tres mignon~
xo Diana

The doll on fashion said...

Lovely outfit.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon!

Im now following you :)

The doll on fashion

Benedicte MAGEN said...

sympa ton blog :)


Angeline said...

you know i love flowers. and i love love this skirt. this totally made my day. i feel you re: allergies. the pollen is attacking me like the trees attacked marky mark in the happening (horrible movie reference. sorry).

Flaviana Boni said...

nice look!

Check out my new outfit post!

Scented Powder said...

hi dear! thanks for your comment :) I think your blog is lovely and i love the illustrations. keep up the good work!

Laura said...

oh my your allergic reaction sounds like it was terrible =( But I'm so glad your ok now!
I love your outfit! it's so pretty. I really like the texture of your skirt it's so lovely.

Jeniffer said...

ooh wow the skirt! it's just so pretty...
Chim Chim Cherry

Kasia M. said...

Love the outfit...the skirt is very pretty and delicate, perfect for a day at the garden in Bastille...minus the allergies:(

Infinite Stylez

TheeFknGoddess said...

Love the skirt!

thanks for your comment :)

Clélia C. said...

So cute outfit, i love it <3

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