stripes, fur...and a little rant

striped sweater- h&m, white blouse- calvin klein, black skirt-american apparel, fox fur-italian, purse-zara, shoes-michael kors
ladies and gentlemen....it hailed today. i mean little blocks of ice falling from the sky.
yes, it's april and we're well into "spring" { if you can call it that } so you can imagine how shocked and appalled i was to open my window to a hail storm { and possibly a glimpse of the first horse rider of the apocalypse }. i just want to go outside and get a kit-kat bar without crying a little bit into my jacket first. le sigh.
the get-up: i stuck pins into my voodoo doll of winter...so i figure it will be warming up soon. that being said, i decided to focus on some of the reasons i actually like cold weather: crisp long sleeved shirts, very warm sweaters, tights galore and muted color palettes.

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jamie said...

i love this monochromatic look you put together... especially the striped sweater, so cute!!

Angeline said...

i love love love this shoot. it's very carefree, fun and put together. i remember when you got that sweater :) that was a good day.

i have a voodoo doll of winter as well. maybe we can tag team this effort. seems to be working.

Alice said...

very nice, I like it ♥


You look great sweetie. I love the fur and the stripes! I can't believe it is hailing in the spring. That is funky spring weather indeed. Hope it changes soon! Kiah

Laura said...

I love this!!!!Black and white is one combo I love!!!!! And the way the stripes and fur add interest is perfect. BTW your drawings are so amazing, you definitly have talent =)

Anthea said...

Oh no! It hailed and it's supposed to be Spring! I really hope it warms up. On another note, you look fab! Love the H&M sweater.

Embracing Style

SC said...

J'adooooore the tail!

Signorina Christina said...

love your stripes and that pop bracelet is beautiful!!!your little vest looks fab on you!!!! :D:D


La Petite Marmoset said...

Oh god will this DC weather craziness ever stop! I am in love with your bag and style btw--- I'm part of a gmail DC blogger group that does a monthly meetup (you might be part of it already but just wanted to check) Send me an email if you're interested!
La Petite Marmoset

Donna said...

Hi Mimi!

Super cute outfit! Lovin' the style of your blog!

I was looking through your other posts and you are a talented artist! =)

Thanks for coming by my blog earlier! I did reply back on my page as I just added a new code on my site! I'm not sure if you received that message!

If not, then here was my reply (referring to my Seattle blog post):

It is! I like it more and more each time that I go! Hopefully next time I can bike ride around Seattle too! You should visit if you can! Plan for shopping and food! =)

Thanks and take care!


Shasie said...

I'm starting to think it's the end of the world with the ridiculous continuation of winter that areas of the world are still having!


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