speaking of gaga...

um....can we pause for one second?
i need to pick my jaw off the floor before we talk about the fashion orgy that was thierry mugler's 2012 fall/winter collection.
i would like to thank mugler for apparently being one of the only designers that remembers fashion is a show. the point of it is to get people's eyes so far out of their sockets they can no longer dream in anything but rainbows and unicorns....or in this case skeletons and plastic body wrap. that show was so OD that its not even believable.

1.) triple catacomb runway+models walking haphazardly+zombies = wtf amazing
2.) models actually having personality, proving to me they do something besides being skinny, tall and so serenely tortured.
3.) gaga.....hello! enough said
4.) ahem. can we talk about gaga's SHOES where 12 inch wedges and made her like 6'1 {if we're gonna be real, they probably deserve their own post }
5.) designers having at-itt-udeeeeee seeping out of every pore of their collection

i love. the end

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