why chanel will change the fashion industry....again

we've waiting all year for this and it's finally here!
HAUTE COUTURE....aka the most ridiculous pieces of "clothing" the world's best fashion houses can conjure.
the first glimpse of a model....who's not even over 7 feet tall...and she's wearing flats?
this is the genius of karl's spring/summer 2011 couture line.
and yes...while other designers might yawn in the shadows, this show (as we wrap up all the fashion weeks) was one of my favs because karl leaves every girl between 15-30 thinking one thing about the entire collection... GIMME!
the show really is the accumulation of the growing changes in fashion today.
the way people interact with fashion and style is changing rapidly as street style, blogging, DIY, resources like lookbook and chictopia, namely, the internets, makes everything more accessible to us.
designers are realizing they can no longer sit on clouds in their magical castles sipping unicorn juice and casually throwing ideas down to pedestrians.
any woman could actually wear this. i mean...if they lost 40 lbs, sold all of their belongings and did some things they would never tell their children about.
what do you guys think? are we saving our pennies to buy this collection? or wishing haute couture would stick the to clothing only lady gaga could wear in public?

{ lovely pictures from cia }

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