the birds { aka...i think im slowly dying }

bonne matin beautiful people!
it's such a beautiful day outside today and i finally get the feeling we've won the battle and captured spring. ok....im not technically dying, but i AM sick. i can't even enjoy the day because im sickly { insert coughs here } i've spent the day drinking copious amounts of water, sneezing and sketching. don't have an outfit today so leaving you with one of my illustrations instead.
be back tomorrow along with another beautiful day!

p.s- yes...sorry for the dramatic post title...im a bit of a drama queen

2 witty remarks:

Signorina Christina said...

get well soon honey!!!!! that's why most of my posts are in english!!To tear down that wall (language barrier!! ) Thx for visiting so much but I'm afraid i cannot help you with the top hunting!!The top I'm wearing in my post (maybe from ZARA -not really sure-) is at least 2 or 3 years old.... Hope that this year that loose fitting tops are in fashion you'll find what you're looking for!!!!! :D:D (really long comment???? I can do better next time!!! :P)


Dressingfiyah said...

Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog. I really like your illustrations :)

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